How to find an insolvency advisor?

insolvency advisor

Did you know that the first step towards a solution to your financial problems is to recognize the difficulties you encounter? Sometimes it takes some time to realize that the income you make each month will not be enough to pay off your debts. If you have […]

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Our Best Strategies to Avoid Bankruptcy


To declare bankruptcy hastily is to declare checkmate on your financial balance before even trying to find solutions to avoid bankruptcy.

It’s good to remember that bankruptcy is a last resort option. While it is a solution that puts an end to your debts and the […]

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Know When I should Submit a Consumer Proposal

Quand Deposer proposition consommateur


Is it possible to eliminate up to 70% of your debts, without even going bankrupt and having to deal with the consequences this bankruptcy could bring? In opting for the consumer proposal, the answer is YES. Here is what this opportunity is all about.


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The business proposal for bankruptcy: Important steps to follow

Business proposal for bankruptcy

If you suspect that your company is on the edge of bankruptcy, you’ll be happy to know that a business proposal for bankruptcy might be the solution for getting rid of your debts. This option also allows you to continue carrying out […]

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Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal? How to Choose?

Bankruptcy or consumer proposal

If you are already at the stage where you have to choose between bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, you’ll want to read this article. Before you opt for personal or commercial bankruptcy, […]

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Financial Balance: Reaching Your Goals

financial balance

A healthy financial balance is a goal that each and every one of us should be able to attain. Being able to travel when we wish and having the capacity to face the cost of living are more than important. And yet, those are only a […]

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Why get the help of a financial advisor?

Financial advisor

Did you ever wonder about the utility of getting help from a financial advisor? Whether you are on the edge of personal bankruptcy or not, a financial security advisor could be useful on several levels.

  1. Séguin Inc. offers you the chance to learn more […]
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Commercial bankruptcy and its alternatives

commercial bankrupcy

Commercial bankruptcy and its alternatives

When we are crushed under the weight of our debts, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and consider anything else but a commercial bankruptcy. However, there are a few considerable solutions you should be aware […]

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3 things to know before going into personal bankruptcy

personal bankruptcy

Your debts are growing faster than you can make money, but you don’t know if you are at the point of declaring personal bankruptcy? Take a small break. Start by talking to a licensed […]

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Should You Use RRSPs to Pay off Debt?

Pays debts

What’s an RRSP?



An RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) is a means of saving money during your professional life, with the objective of increasing your revenue for retirement so as to maintain a certain quality of life.

All individuals under the age of 71 and earning an income […]

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