The Business Proposal

Business Proposal

Avoid Bankruptcy with a Business Proposal


Are you looking for a solution that will allow your business to get out of debt while continuing to be active? Trustee N. Séguin Inc. has the answer: the business proposal is the step that we prefer over bankruptcy. Due to its practicality and flexibility, it’s a solution that’s often used in the commercial sector.

What Is a Business Proposal?

A business proposal is an agreement between the trustee and your creditors, with the objective of allowing your company to continue its activities by extending payment deadlines and adjusting amounts according to your company’s capacity to meets its obligations.

This Agreement is a Win-Win for All Parties:

You: You can keep your company, continue its operations and free yourself from debt.

Your creditors: They receive an amount that is higher than what they would receive if you filed for commercial bankruptcy.

Business Proposal Steps

  1. Consulting with a trustee
  2. Filing a notice of intention
  3. Filing the business proposal
  4. Suspending garnishment, legal proceedings and payments to creditors
  5. Presenting the proposal to creditors
  6. The meeting of creditors
  7. Approving the business proposal
  8. Payment of amounts stipulated in the proposal

Notice of Intention

Don’t have the time to prepare your business proposal? You can still file a notice of intention. It’s a simple document that advises your creditors that you will file a proposal within the next 30 days.

You will also avoid any lawsuits or actions that your creditors might otherwise make that could hurt your business.

Is a Business Proposal the Best Option for My Business?

Here are some questions to ask yourself to determine if a business proposal is the right choice for you:

Have you already filed for bankruptcy in the past?

Do you have the means to meet a portion of your obligations?

Do you hold any professional licenses?

Do you have any assets whose values exceed your debts?

What are the Advantages of a Business Proposal?

The business proposal is an attractive option for a number of reasons:

– The business proposal is not framed by rigid parameters, allowing you to adapt the amount and payment delay based on your situation, assuming your proposal is reasonable and accepted by your creditors.

– You won’t have to negotiate anything with your creditors—the trustee takes care of the entire process.

– You’re eligible for a business proposal, regardless the amount of your debt.

– Upon filing a proposal, all payments to creditors, garnishments and legal proceedings are suspended.

– By halting all payments upon filing the notice, you can buy time and prolong the delay for paying off your debts. L’arrêt des paiements dès le dépôt de l’avis vous permet de gagner du temps et donc de prolonger le délai de remboursement de vos dettes.

– Entities such as companies are eligible for this proposal.


Trustee N. Séguin Inc.’s Expertise in Business Proposals

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals here to listen to your needs. We know that a fragile financial situation is a major source of stress. Rest assured that with our financial counsellors taking charge of negotiations, a large weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

You will also benefit from our expertise at helping you establish a financial recovery plan. 90% of the proposals presented to the courts by N. Séguin Inc. have been accepted.

Consult Our Trustee

By making an appointment today, you can finally eliminate your debt and help your business get a fresh start on the right foot. The first consultation is free, quick and completely confidential.

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